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Try to fill in the information about one contract at first. You should fill in the form "Your contracts.", then describe technical characteristics of the vessel in the form "Motor Vessels", add extended information about the crewing agency in the form "Crewing Companies & Marine Agencies" and press the button "Save". If all necessary fields are filled in correctly, the information about the contract will be saved and available on the site.

Please, note the name of the vessel should coincide in the forms "Your contracts." and "Motor Vessels", and the name of the crewing agency should coincide in the forms "Your contracts." and "Crewing Companies & Marine Agencies".

After successful filling in of the first contract add others. If the same vessel or crewing agency occurs in several contracts, then you should fill in vessel's characteristics or extended description just once.

Technical characteristics of the vessel can be missed or filled in partially. Still it is better to fill in fully. For Deck Officers and Ratings we recommend to fill in at least fields DWT and Type, and for the command of the engine room BHP and Engine.

To add, repeat or delete new blocks use the corresponding buttons
click this button to add an empty block for the description of the contract, vessel's characteristics or crewing agency
click this button to copy the block with data entered so that not to enter the part of data again
click this button to delete or clear the corresponding block
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