Welder on Passenger Ship

Вакансия размещена: 02.04.2022 18:19
2000-3000 € в месяц
Посадка на судно:
Продолжительность контракта:
3 months
Тип судна:
Passenger Ship
Вакансия размещена
CORAL SHIPMANAGEMENT & SHIPBROKERS LTDПерейти на страницу крюинговой компании, разместившей эту вакансию
Описание вакансии
Our personnel includes:

Onboard Managers
Foremen/Team Leaders

Welders (SMO, TIG/MIG/MAG), educated and certified for top skill performance with all types of welding on all available types of material/pipes (black steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, aluminum). We are especially proud on our elite SMO welder team, specialized in building and maintenance of scrubber and BWT systems
Pipefitters for building, repair and maintenance of pipeline within vessel. Additionally, our pipefitting personnel has significant experience with shore projects, including oil and gas pipeline
GRE/GRP pipefitters for any kind of work with plastic/fiberglass pipelines. In 2020, we made biggest progress with recruitment and certification of GRE teams, since we recognized demand on all markets and industries
Supporting staff as fitters, platers, riggers and all round helpers, experienced and well trained to support welder and pipefitter teams, but also capable for performing numerous tasks required for cleaning site, building and repair/maintenance
Electrician teams, suitable for installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems onboard vessels

Our main recruiting centers are Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, Russia and Adriatic/Balkan region. We continuously update our database of personnel with relevant information on each individual, including medical records, certificates, training and crew appraisal records.
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