Security Guard for Celebrity Cruises

Вакансия размещена: 25.03.2020 17:08
1392 $ в месяц
Посадка на судно:
Продолжительность контракта:
8 mths
Тип судна:
Passenger Ship
Уровень английского
Средне и выше
Виза США
Вакансия размещена
V.Ships LeisureПерейти на страницу крюинговой компании, разместившей эту вакансию
Описание вакансии
Security Guard for Celebrity Cruises
Job ID: 2139
Rank: Security Guard
Employment Type: Permanent

Position Description:
We are looking for people who have recent experience of working in teamwork in:

Police, military, security department, fire department or ship safety.

This role will focus on security onboard and safety for both passengers and crew. You must be flexible and work well under pressure.

With this opportunity, you will gain new knowledge in the safety department and work with multiple nationalities.

You will receive safety training and courses required by the international regulations.

Contracts are generally around 8 months onboard, with a 2 month (unpaid) vacation, with opportunities to return for further contracts.

Onboard you will share a cabin. Your accommodation and meals will be provided free of charge.

This is your chance to see new countries, meet and work with an international team and develop your career.

To be considered for this role, you must have an intermediate (or higher) level of English, and your interview will take place in English, via Video Link.

At this time, we can only accept candidates from Europe, Ukraine, and Russia

Applications from other countries will be placed into the general pool.
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